Tips for Healthy Hair

We all want that vitality bounce, or the movie star sheen, and while these elevated individuals have an army of make-up and hair stylists, they also have their own regime for healthy hair.

Using natural products, you can boost the health of your hair. Your stylist will be so happy when he or she realises they have healthy hair to work with, as this makes everything so much easier to accomplish. Here are some of the ways you can maintain a healthy head of hair.

  • Avoid silicones, sulphates, or alcohols in shampoo and conditioner — Sulphates strip the hair of natural oils, and some shampoos and conditioners contain sulphate. Alcohol weighs the hair down, and makes it look unnatural. Check the label of any hair product to be certain what it contains.
  • Honey is a wonderful hair tonic, and can be used as a scalp massage. Honey has anti-bacterial properties, and is an effective treatment for dandruff, and being water soluble, it is easy to rinse out.
  • Rinse and condition in cold water — This will help seal in the shine and moisture, as the cold water locks in the conditioning agents, and the individual strands are more evenly coated. Cold water is also good for the scalp, although we’re not talking “ice cube” cold, but enough to open the pores.
  • Coconut oil — This amazing substance has so many health properties, and has recently been hailed as a wonder treatment for teeth, skin, and of course, hair. Perfect for dry ends, massage coconut oil into the ends, and use sparingly, then it will not get too greasy. Scalp massages are also good with coconut oil, and leave it for 15 minutes, before rinsing thoroughly. You can use coconut oil as often as you wish, as it is an excellent moisturiser.
  • Avoid heating too much — We all want that instant curl or wave, but for healthy hair, try to avoid using heating applications. Heating tools can dry up and frizz your hair, and if you are going to use tongs, spray on some heat protectant first. Excessive heat causes hair to look dull, and without life, it is hard to work with.
  • Don’t wash daily — We all want to have clean hair, and while it is hygienic to wash hair daily, the process strips the hair of its natural oils, so every other day is a healthier alternative, and it gives your hair a rest.

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