The Right Haircut for that Job Interview

It is probably one of the most terrifying experiences you will ever have to experience, and with so much at stake, it makes sense to be as well prepared as possible. The difference between success and failure can be very fine, and with some research and a little preparation, you should be able to secure that much wanted position. They say that first impressions count, and none more so that at a job interview, so you need to think about your outfit, and more importantly, your hair.

Well Kept Hair

The sign of a well-groomed person is a smart haircut, therefore, at the very least, you should trim things up. For the men, a short, clean cut is recommended. Traditional short styles are much safer, and while it is possible your new employer likes the idea of long hair, generally speaking, long hair is a negative in the job interview scenario. Of course, if it is healthy and well kept, then that says something about you. Your hair defines your personality, and one should always be bold and confident with the style we choose. If a person feels comfortable with their hairstyle, the added self-confidence is noticeable, so it really should be something that you feel happy with, rather than conforming to traditional standards. A shaved head is perfectly acceptable in modern business, so if you are into that look, then have it done the day before the interview.

Choose a Professional Cut

For the ladies, a job interview is not a fashion show, one should be conservatively dressed, and long hair can be put up for this particular event, or perhaps platted. A cut and blow the day before would be ideal, and you will feel more confident when facing the interviewer, as you know you look well groomed.

The Right Style

If this opportunity is important, you should do everything possible to increase your chances of success, so talk to your hair stylist a few weeks before. This gives you time to choose a new style, if you think it will help. Some women are very happy with the way their hair looks, and if you fall into this category, book your stylist the day before the interview and let them weave their magic. Your stylist will know what suits you best, and this is the ideal time to take their expert advice. If you live in Western Australia, and are soon to have that vital job interview, why not contact us, and ensure you look the part.

Go with Your Gut Feeling

The way you feel is as important as the way you look, and if you feel good about the way your hair looks and feels, then you are already halfway there. Consult your stylist, make a decision, and prepare for battle, and with the right outfit and accessories, you are sure to make the right impression. By taking care of every small detail, you are increasing the chances of being accepted for the position. Don’t forget to do your homework on the employer’s business, and it is always good to ask questions, as it demonstrates a high level of interest.

With the right hairstyle, you will feel more confident and this will show through to the interviewer, so make sure you book your salon for the day before your interview.

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