Popular Hairstyles for Women in 2016

Hairstyles, particularly women’s hairstyles, come in and out of fashion on a frequent basis — often far too frequently for most women to keep up with! However, a great hairstyle is not a temporary thing in any way, after all, it will be immortalised in photos for the rest of your life, making it essential that you select the right hairstyle for your hair type (curly, straight, wavy, etc.) as well as the length of your hair, not to mention a variety of other factors.

Medium Layered Hairstyles — Hot in 2016

If you haven’t noticed, and chances are you have noticed but you haven’t given it much thought, if any at all, medium layered hairstyles are making waves in 2016 and many women, and not only young ladies but women of all ages, now sport a medium layered hairstyle. Medium layers deliver an abundance of:

  • Texture
  • Definition
  • Elegance

If you have medium-length hair, ask about the medium layered hairstyles that your stylist can deliver. And don’t forget that if you have short hair and you’re considering hair extensions, that it’s advisable to discuss the medium layered hairstyles you’re thinking about going for with your hairdresser at the same time. That way the extensions can be fitted to ensure you get the look you’re after.

Front Bangs — Now Trending

Yes, front bangs are trending big time and there’s a lot to be said for front bangs, especially with medium-length hair, which seems to be the ideal length in 2016. So, why are front bangs so popular this year? Well, it isn’t like they’ve ever gone out of style completely, but they’re proving very popular at the moment because they deliver unparalleled facial framing, giving women a sleek look that many, understandably, can’t get enough of. Naturally, there are a few things to be aware of here, such as:

  • Women with round faces should not opt for blunt bangs
  • A wide range of variations are suitable for both medium and long hair
  • Layered bangs work well with all facial types and complexions

Don’t hesitate to ask the best hairdresser at the salon about front bangs — they could be perfect for you.

Choppy Hairstyles — Variations Galore

Choppy hairstyles are very popular this year, as they have been in previous years, as they will be in future years! These hairstyles work well with all hair lengths, especially medium-length hair, plus there are many variations to consider, including choppy front bangs which work well for women with high cheekbones.

The Natural Look — Untamed Hair

Natural looks, like the wild, untamed look, are trending this year and there are many variations that are proving very popular around the world, including flaring ends and wild ringlets, two looks that work with, wait for it — medium-length hair! ‘Messy’ hairstyles are all the rage this year and there are many ways that your hairdresser can cut and style your hair to achieve the look you’re after.

For the most in-trend women’s hairstyles in Perth, contact Circles of Subiaco today.

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