What is Keratin Treatment & How Can it Improve Your Hair?

When your hair is looking lank with split ends, you can feel like nothing is going to help it to look better. Try not to use harmful sprays and shampoos because this will make the condition of your hair even worse.

There are lots of things that you can try to make your hair look a lot healthier. One method that you might not have thought about is specialist treatment involving keratin. At Circles of Subiaco, we can give you comprehensive keratin treatment which will allow your hair to return to its former glory.

You might be unfamiliar with keratin and the process behind the treatment. What is it all about?

What is Keratin?

This is the substance that your hair is made of, and it is the protein that protects the strands of your hair from damage and stress. The outer layer of your skin is also made from this substance.

Low keratin levels mean that your hair can become easily damaged and will not look as sleek as it usually does. If you think that your hair is suffering from low levels or keratin, then it is time for you to have some treatment.

What Does the Treatment Involve?

Before you have the treatment with us, you need to know as much about the process as possible. This type of treatment suits curly and frizzy hair the best and is less suitable for women who have completely straight hair. We can advise you about whether you are suitable for the treatment or not.

The keratin is applied in a solution. This is designed to make your hair less porous so that water and air cannot pass so easily through it. As the keratin levels in your hair increase, the more secure that it will become.

The shampoo containing the keratin can replace the one that you are already using. Applying the shampoo will make your hair sleeker and less frizzy. You will then be able to have your hair styled in any way that you want, without worrying that you are going to damage your hair with harmful products.

Excessive heat can damage your hair, so try and limit a number of times that you are blow drying your hair each week. The same goes for permanent hair straightening Perth. A reduced amount of heat will keep your hair as strong and glossy as possible.

What Foods Can You Eat to Boost the Keratin Levels in Your Hair

You can use the specialist shampoo to keep the keratin levels in your hair high. You can also change your diet slightly to include lots of foods which will boost the keratin levels.

There are lots of vegetables that can help with keratin production, including carrots, cauliflower and broccoli. You can also eat mangos and sweet potatoes to make sure that your keratin levels remain high.

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