Hairstyles for Different Facial Types — Round Faces

Round face shapes are among the trickiest face types to pick the perfect style for, so picking the right style is just as important as picking the right hairdresser in many ways! However, are you sure your face is round? Many women have been told they have a round face type when that’s not actually the case, so it’s a good idea to determine the shape of your face by measuring it with a tape measure or ruler and doing some simple math — don’t laugh, it’s easily the best way to determine what your face shape is!

Once you’ve determined that you do indeed have a round face, you can then start looking at the wide variety of hairstyles that are perfect for your facial shape. Hairstylists have often been known to get things wrong with hairstyles for round faces, but that needn’t be the case as there are many wonderful hairstyles for all women celebrating their gorgeously round faces, including the following that our expert hairdressers would love to recommend for you!

Layered Bangs

Bangs, especially layered bangs, are great for women with round faces. Bearing in mind that there’s no single perfect style for women with this face type, bangs are an excellent choice as they’re one of the most flattering hairstyles. Our hairdressers are happy to advise you and talk you through your options here, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Short Hairstyles

There are quite a few short hairstyles that look great on women with round faces, most notably those that give the hair height, but not too much height if the sides are kept reasonably short and close to the face, as many do. The disconnected pixie is a popular style this year, but while short hairstyles can be a great look, you must like short hairstyles and enjoy wearing your hair short.

Comfort is perhaps the most important consideration where hairstyles are concerned, so always make sure that the hairstyle you select for yourself is the right one for you and how you want to look and feel.

Hairstyles that Celebrate Hair Length

Hairstyles that are long to very long are just as perfect for round face types as short hairstyles, with bangs, especially layered bangs, giving the face and neck a distinctive shape that has a slenderising effect. If you’re not a fan of wearing your hair short, then hairstyles that celebrate hair length are likely to be an ideal choice for you, what’s more, they’re also perfect for all hair types, straight, curly and wavy.

Human hair extensions are a popular option that you might like to consider if your hair is short and you’re looking to add some length to it, so don’t hesitate to ask our stylists about our hair extensions.

Our hairstylists are happy to answer any questions that you may have about the best hairstyles for different face types, including gorgeously round faces, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to book an appointment with one of our experienced hairdressers and get the perfect new look you’re after.

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