Effective Ways to Reduce Split Ends

Whether you are going on a night out or simply going to work, the last thing you want to see when you look in the mirror is split ends. This can make you feel less confident and may also make you feel more self-conscious.

Here at Circles of Subiaco, we understand that your hair needs to be looked after properly in order to avoid split ends from occurring. Read our helpful guide about effective ways to reduce split ends and how the hairdresser can help.

Get Your Hair Regularly Trimmed

The first step towards making sure that split ends are under control is to have your hair regularly trimmed. Our hairdressers will be able to take consummate care of your hair. Once your ends have been trimmed, the hair will look incredibly healthy. Remember to come back for a trim once every few months.

Put Oil On Your Hair Before Washing It

It might sound counterintuitive putting oils onto your hair to prevent split ends. However, the oil will help to make the hair stronger than it was before and will ensure that split ends will not cause too many problems. The oil can then be washed off with water to prevent it sitting on the hair for too long. Once the hair has been oiled a few times, it will start to look incredibly thick and healthy. Your split ends will be a thing of the past.

Apply Conditioner

Many people develop split ends because they have hair that is dry and brittle. The problem can be solved if you put conditioner and leave it in for a while before you have a final shower. Over the course of a few washes, the conditioner will work its magic and your split ends will disappear.

Don’t Be Too Rough Drying Hair

If you are drying your hair too vigorously, this could cause your hair to become brittle and start to split. You can avoid this easily by drying your hair very gently with a smooth towel.

If split ends develop because you are being too vigorous, it might be a good idea to buy some softer towels.

Don’t Use Lots of Heat On Your Hair

The heat from straighteners and hair dryers can make your hair very brittle and dry, to the point where you develop split ends. Dry your hair with a towel instead of using a powerful hairdryer.

Keep Your Hair Away From the Sun & the Rain

So far in this article, the focus has been on man-made products. However, you also need to be very wary of the damage that can be caused by the elements, particularly the sun and the rain. Keep your head covered so that you will not expose your hair to the elements. You will reduce the risk of split ends.

As this guide has shown, there are several things that you can do to banish split ends. If you are in need of a quality haircut, get in touch with Circles of Subiaco.

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