Different Ways You Can Accessorise Your Haircut

Having your haircut in just the right style is extremely important and there are lots of different cuts that you can try before you find something that really suits you. Some women prefer to have their hair in long, luscious curls whilst others want to have a shorter and more androgynous cut that does not obscure their face.

Here are Circles of Subiaco, we are able to style your hair in any way that you desire. Our experienced team of stylists will give you the perfect haircut that you won’t be able to stop admiring it in the mirror. What are the different ways that you can accessorise your hair once it has been cut in the way that you want?

Tie Ribbons Around Long Straight Hair

Putting your long and straight hairstyle into a ponytail is incredibly practical and also consummately stylish. Using a standard hair-bobble can be unexciting, so why not try something a little different? Choose a range of coloured ribbons that you can tie up your beautiful hair with. The ribbons could be solid colours, or you might want to choose patterned ribbons to complement your hair. People will stop you on the street and they will compliment you on the ribbons as well as your long, sleek haircut provided by this hair salon.

Wear a Tiara with Short Hair

A short haircut with a fringe is a great choice, and you will dramatically change your look if you used to have very long hair before you visited our salon. People will not be able to stop commenting on the way that your new hairstyle complements your features perfectly.

Tiaras are timelessly elegant and they will add sparkle to your hair.

Don’t think that tiaras are only for the rich and famous because you can buy tiaras for a very reasonable price. You could even buy some in different styles so that you can change your look on a daily basis.

Put Flowers in Wavy Hair

When summer comes around, you want to get outside in the sunshine so that your hair is as healthy as possible. This is a time for sandals, floral print dresses and accessorising your hairstyle in many different ways. The best way to accessorise your hair in the summer is to put some flowers in your hair. Real flowers can die quickly once they have been picked, so you can buy lots of brightly coloured fake ones instead. Then you can wear them all through the summer and people will smile as they notice how you have accessorised your great hairstyle.

Wear a Headscarf with a Floppy Fringe

When you have a hairstyle with a floppy fringe that covers your forehead, you can draw attention to the fringe by wearing a headscarf. This will make you feel like a glamorous film actress in the mould of Audrey Hepburn.

There are lots of different ways that you can accessorise your hair once it has been cut by Circles of Subiaco. Contact us today!

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