What is the Cause of Split Ends?

There are a number of different causes of what is known as split ends, which happen when a strand splits in two at the end of the hair shaft. The ends of the hair are going to be more prone to damage because of their distance from the scalp, and the longer someone’s hair, the more likely chance he or she will be to experience split ends. Along with heat styling and bleaching, hair colouring is one of the most common causes of split ends. Also, not so well known, the rough handling of hair, especially when wet, can also damage it.

Some professional hairdressers and hair extensions Perth, like Circles of Subiaco, know all about split ends, what causes them and steps you can take to avoid them. The scalp normally produces natural oils which are meant to protect the hair from injury or harm. But as hair lengthens, the ends no longer come in contact with the oils produced by the scalp, naturally leaving every strand weaker at the ends than it is closer to the head. Once an end splits even a little, it gradually continues to split up the hair shaft, which then results in damage that can only be properly treated by removing the split ends.

Hair Styling Items are Not Always a Girl’s Best Friend

Hair styling with tools such as blow dryers, flat and curling irons are some of the most common culprits for causing split ends. If not careful, the high heat will singe the ends of the hair, making them brittle enough to split or break off. While certain products, can help to limit some damage, hair that is frequently subjected to the high temperatures of a blow dryer or hot styling tools can become damaged. At Circles of Subiaco, expert hair care treatment like no other in Perth, provides a top quality service that you and your hair will certainly appreciate!

Often used for highlighting or lightening dark hair, bleach is actually pretty rough on the ends of the hair. Bleach will permanently alter hairs structure, removing not only the colour, but also any oils and proteins that help the hair to withstand normal styling. Hair that gets bleached can with time become brittle, if not taken care of properly and especially if it is bleached frequently.

Hair Colouring

While not quite as harsh as bleach, colouring the hair can also be a cause of split ends. Like bleaching, low quality colour will alter the structure of the hair, although a simple hair dye will not usually do it any harm. The chemicals in the colouring rely on the hair’s natural oils to limit any damage and this is why almost all at-home hair dyes propose applying the product on unwashed hair.

All of the above hair damaging products can be simply avoided with the use of top quality hairdressing at Perth’s most renowned hairstylist and beauty service. Contact Circles of Subiaco today — they will be more than happy to advise you on getting your hair the top quality treatment it deserves!

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