How Can You Style Hair That is Always Straight?

No matter what some girls do, their hair will always be completely straight. This can make the hair difficult to style and you might feel like you just want to wear your hair down all of the time.

At Circles of Subiaco, we understand that this can be extremely frustrating, especially if you are trying to drastically change your look. There are lots of things that our experienced hairdressers can do to make sure that your hair looks completely different.

Have Your Hair Cut Into a Bob

Bob haircuts used to be all the rage but they have fallen out of fashion as women now tend to wear their hair much longer. However, this shouldn’t put you off from having this kind of haircut. The beauty of the bob is that it frames the face effortlessly, and is so short that you do not need to wash it for long or apply a lot of products. This is a very practical haircut but people will also compliment you on how stylish you actually look.

Once the bob has been cut, you can grow the hair out again and then cut it short once you are bored of having hair that is so long and straight.

Have the Hair Styled Into a Pompadour

When your hair is straight, you might feel that you cannot do much with it at all. However, the pompadour is one of the simplest styles you can ask for when you have your hair cut. The hair is backcombed and then pulled into place and secured with pins. This will instantly give your hair much more volume and you will feel like you have a totally new style.

Put a French Twist in Your Ponytail

A French twist is a special type of braid that will liven up your normally-straight ponytail. You might find this very difficult to achieve on your own, so you can get one of our stylists to do this for you. The French twist combines with the straight part of your ponytail to create an interesting contrast.

You will not be able to stop admiring yourself in the mirror when the hair style is finally finished. You can have the French twist taken out when you want to try a completely new style. This is something that not women attempt to do, so you will definitely turn some heads when you are walking down the street.

Put a Waterfall Braid in Your Hair

A waterfall braid is an interesting style to put into your hair. As the name suggests, this type of braid creates a cascade effect that causes the straight hair to fall at an angle. This is not something that people will see every day.

When you are bored of your straight hair it is time to go to the hairdresser and have something else done. Book yourself an appointment at Circles of Subiaco today!

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