Bridal Hair Trends in 2017

Hairstyles come in and out of fashion at a rapid rate, with some returning a few years later and others waiting decades to make a resurgence, if they ever do at all. Bridal hairstyles aren’t any different in this regard, but perhaps not to the same extent as women tend not to try anything too outlandish on the biggest day of their lives, with most preferring to keep it fairly safe and somewhat traditional.


As the traditional veil has given way to a variety of hairpieces, including tiaras and brocades, ponytails are proving very popular as this simple yet elegant look showcases the jewellery by keeping the hair tied back, usually loosely.

There are many ways in which ponytails can be worn, including with a strand of hair from the ponytail tying it back and concealing it to a certain degree. This is a lovely natural look that suits women with long to very long hair.

Middle Part

The middle part also works very well with a thin tiara or small hairpiece — they also work very well on their own — and there are many styles our hairdressers can combine a middle part with, including ponytails, waves, up-dos and braids, the choice is yours.

Middle parts can also work extremely well with straightened hair — we offer hair straightening as one of our services — as well as with pronounced curls on the sides, giving them greater prominence and buoyancy.

Loose Waves

A traditional hairstyle that is eternally popular as bridal hair Perth, loose waves work exceptionally well with most hair types ranging in length from medium-length to very long. This hairstyle looks great when accentuated with a lovely hairpiece or floral arrangements, especially small, delicate flowers.


As with loose waves, braids have always been popular among brides-to-be and their bridesmaids, and with the many ways that braids can be worn and how gorgeous women look with braided hair, it isn’t at all difficult to see why. Face-framing strands combine well with braided hairstyles and work well with all face types, including round faces which can be difficult to select the best hairstyle for, so all women with hair of a suitable length might like to consider braids on their big day.


If you’re planning on wearing a hairpiece, be sure to let our hairdressers know as you’ll want to factor in the hairpiece and how it will look when discussing different hairstyles and which will deliver the perfect look that you’re after. What’s more, if you’re not sure about which style of hairpiece best suits you, don’t hesitate to ask our hairdressers for advice as we help many women prepare for their big days and we can let you know what’s popular among brides-to-be.

Bridal trends in 2017 have something to offer all women, so regardless of hair length, hair type and face shape, you’re sure to find something that’s perfect for you and the look you’re after. Please don’t hesitate to contact our hairdressers for advice, they’d love to help you select the perfect bridal hairstyle.

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