5 Ways to Keep Your Hair in Great Shape

Our hair is very much a part of us, and not just in the physical sense, as it plays a role in our persona, and can say so much about a person. Modern life is success driven and that corporate image is important, so keeping your hair looking good is a must. Here are five simple things that will help your hair stay healthy and looking good.

  • Wash two or three times a week — Too much washing strips the hair’s natural oils away, and while you might like that fresh clean feel, a daily wash will damage your hair. The constant washing creates over production of the vital oils, and this is hampered by the daily shampoo, so the limit should be three times in one week. Some experts swear by rinsing and conditioning only, in between washes, as this replenishes the collagen and stimulates the hair growth cycle.
  • Massage your scalp, as this will improve circulation, and a vigorous massage will detoxify the scalp, and this should occur every time you wash. The shampoo is ideally used on the scalp, and avoid rubbing it into the ends, as they are delicate and can easily split. Once a week, you can massage coconut or olive oil into your hair, again paying particular attention to the scalp. Coconut oil has amazing properties, not just for the scalp and hair, and regular use on the skin is also beneficial.
  • Avoid very hot water — It might feel good, but hot water will certainly damage your hair. Cool water is much better for the hair, so remember to keep the temperature down a little. Heating treatments are also best avoided, or at least kept to a minimum. Most of the problems a person has with their hair are a result of mistreatment, and we do tend to do all kinds of weird things to our hair, in the name of beauty.
  • Use the right conditioner — We all have different hair, and through trial and error, you should find a conditioner that works for you. Resist the temptation to rush through the conditioning process, and try to allow at least five minutes, during which time you are constantly massaging your scalp. When you rinse, don’t use hot water, as the precious oils that have attached themselves to your hair follicles, will be removed in the rinsing process. Cold water is recommended for rinsing out conditioner.
  • Find the right hairdresser — Some salons are more into healthy hair than just styles, and at Circles of Subiaco, we pride ourselves in the products and treatments we offer. A highly skilled team is ready to transform you for that special occasion, and if you want a regular stylist who can bring out the best in you, we have many talented people.

Healthy hair doesn’t have to cost the Earth, and with organic products and healthy treatments, you can provide your hair will all the nourishment it needs. If for any reason, you would like to talk to the professionals about haircare, feel free to contact us at any time.

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